Fatbob Crafts Quality Handcrafted Leather goods and accessories.
Fatbob Crafts Quality Handcrafted Leather goods and accessories.

About Fatbob

Fatbob Crafts was initially started up as a hobby business by myself following a suggestion from my wife that I should start selling some of the Crafts that I had been doing for my own pleasure.
I am a keen Bushcrafter and also a Biker so a lot of the items that are for sale are influenced by these two pastimes.
I work mainly with Leather, all my Leather products are handcrafted the traditional way first with the initial design process then the cutting of the constituent parts, next the design is hand carved and tooled onto the leather with a swivel knife and various stamps and mallets, the piece is then hand dyed and painted using pro leather dye and acrylic paint, the assembly is then done and hand Saddle stitched using waxed thread and various rivets/press studs, the final stage is 3 to 4 coats of a beeswax balm to protect the leather from the elements.

This whole process may take a little longer than the mass produced cheap products available elsewhere but the traditional handcrafted items I make are something you will be proud to own and made to last, after all quality isn’t cheap or fast.

I Also work with Wood, and Antler (using the shed antlers after rutting season from the highlands of Scotland) mainly with the added metalwork involved with the knives, I am a very keen artist also so occasionally some of my Artwork may also pop up for sale.

I am an absolute enthusiast when it comes to creating traditional quality handmade items.

It gives me a tremendous sense of inner pleasure when i see the satisfied look on my customers' faces.


I am always open to commissions so if you have an idea that you think I may be able to help you with please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you follow the link to my Facebook or Instagram page you will see a broader selection of my creations.